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Work Bond Program

The work bond committee is responsible for defining and implementing the program to increase volunteer participation in Summit SJBS.

The committee is a special committee created by the SJBS Board of Directors under Article 6, section 1 of the SJBS Bylaws.

Committee chair:  Matt Cohen
Committee members: Dave Story, Sam Conroy, Megan Schall, Paul Yarden Brian MacArthur
Questions or comments [email protected]

Volunteer Positions Available for Work-Bond Program

1.    Team Manager *: This role will perform team administration duties traditionally handled by the coach.  This will allow the coach to focus on the players and game.  Responsibilities include:

  • Communications to parents (at discretion of the coach), which may involve tracking player availability for games/practices, seeking callup players etc.
  • Scheduling changes for rain outs and conflicts with other team managers.
  • Scheduling of parent volunteers for dugout parent and field prep for each game.
  • Reporting of parent volunteer hours to SJBS via the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Paying umpires.

2.    Dugout Parent * : One parent will be in the dugout during each game to help with the players.  This will allow the coach to focus on instruction and game plan. Responsibilities will include:

  • Obtaining lineup and positions from the coach before game time.
  • Supervise players during game.
  • Encourage good sportsmanship.
  • Call out lineup, get kids into on-deck circle.
  • Make sure players know positions before hitting the field, have necessary equipment, etc.

3.    Coach (Head and Assistant) *:

  • Provide instruction to players to increase understanding of game, develop fundamental skills and teach good sportsmanship.
  • Organize and run practices and games throughout season
  • Manage team lineup and fielder positions during games
  • Work in coordination with Team Manager to communicate with team parents

4. League Director: League Directors (LD) are responsible for the running of one of the 11 divisions/grade levels in SJBS.  Responsibilities include:

  • Assist in identifying coaches for each team prior to the start of the regular season. 
  • Assignment of players to teams. 
    • for divisions that do not have a draft, LD builds rosters and must endeavor to ensure team assignments are reasonably balanced. 
    • for divisions that have a draft, LD moderates draft and ensures that team selections are made in accordance with the draft rules.
  • LDs are first escalation point for issues and concerns from parents and coaches in their division.
  • Escalating any known violations of the player, parent or coaches’ code of conduct to the SJBS Executive Board.
  • In divisions with playoffs, LD organizes playoff schedule 

5. Game-Day Field Prep: Prepare fields 60 minutes prior to game start.  Tasks may include:

  • drag field - rake (by home plate, pitchers mound and all bases) or tractor (if available) entire field
  • line field - first base line, 3rd base line, batter's box, pitcher's circle (softball)

6. Facilities Clean Up: Help get our playing fields into usable condition after the winter season, before our kids take the fields to practice for spring rec season.  This job will mainly involve helping remove weeds and crabgrass from the infields, picking up and removing branches from the outfields, removing all garbage, debris and sizable rocks from the playing areas. Provide a brief report to the Field Captain for each field on any hazardous conditions found (e.g. holes in backstops/fences, sinkholes in the outfield, raised lips at the edge of the infield). 

7. Field Captain: This role will work in conjunction with the Director of Fields to monitor the conditions of fields during possible inclement weather and to ensure fields are adequately stocked with appropriate supplies throughout the season.  Responsibilities include:

  • Visit field on days when weather is an issue to make decision on status of field. Given the number of parents and coaches commuting from NYC and other distant locations, decisions should be made no later than 4:00pm, whenever possible.
  • Communicate decision to Fields Director so a league-wide notification can be sent in a timely manner. 
  • Weekly monitoring of inventory in sheds and green storage boxes (chalk, drying agent, first aid kits, ice packs, etc.).  Report to Fields Dir when supply is low.
  • Communicate to Fields Director any equipment that is needed (rakes, shovels, base plugs, etc...).
  • On fields with tractors, monitor gas inventory, fill can if needed (retain receipt for reimbursement).
  • Communicate to Fields Director any repairs or maintenance required.

8.    Winter Clinics:* In 2020 there will be winter training for baseball and softball.  Volunteers are responsible sign-in, setup, cleanup and supervision of players during the training sessions.  Clinics to be held on 8 Sundays between January and early March.

  • Softball:  Training clinics for all age groups (8U, 10U, 12 U and 14U). 
  • Baseball: Training clinics for 1st through 4th grade players.

9.  Equipment / Bats: Prepare a written one- or two-page document that will explain to our parents and kids what SJBS’s bat policy (and other equipment) is. Prepare another document with a price/inventory guide to available bats in the area. 

  • The equipment policy guide for parents should feature the appropriate length/weights for their children depending on age/size. Briefly explain what bats are illegal in what contexts and legal in others, as well as our age/gender policies on wearing helmet cages and faceguards. Explain the new SJBS wood bat policy in Fall Ball (if still applicable).
  • The pricing guide should offer available inventory in the area (Dick’s, Modells, Thomson) along with information we feel parents should know so they’re not worried about buying their child an inferior bat that puts them at a disadvantage. 

10. Social Media Coordinator: Help SJBS to communicate with parents and stakeholders via social media outlets.  Posts will be about important announcements, promotions and celebrations.  Responsibilities include:

  • Communication of information on behalf of league via Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.
  • Create new ways to promote league through social media (weekly grade update, player of the week, etc).
  • Call on grade level representatives for weekly social media posts and/or pictures. 

11. Social Media Grade-Level Representative: This person will keep the Social Media Coordinator abreast of the important happenings in that grade level.  Responsibilities include:

  • Keep current on the happenings in the grade such as fun games, playoff updates and significant milestones.
  • Email team managers to obtain pictures and news from individual teams.
  • Create social media draft posts for Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter and send to Social Media Coordinator.
  • Any other items requested from Social Media Coordinator.

12. PizzaFest: PizzaFest is the annual kickoff to a new season, when kids meet their coaches & teammates, and receive their uniforms.  Necessary roles include ticket sales, setup, and cleanup.

Estimated Time Commitment:  10 people per night @ 1 hour each

13. Opening Day Ceremonies: SJBS has been trying to make Opening Day a special day for all participants the last few years, with individual league ceremonies. To help make the day special for your child’s league, you will coordinate with the League Director and plan the ceremonies, with responsibilities including:

  • Organize a catered lunch
  • Arrange for someone to sing National Anthem
  • Decorate field with bunting, set up tables and sound system for player introductions and National Anthem. 
  • Clean-up after last game of the day

14. Annual Fundraiser: The annual fundraiser occurs in May and can take several months to plan and organize.  There is already a team of five people in place for the 2020 fundraiser who have begun to make preliminary plans.  The team needs help with the following:

  • Solicit Auction Items – A large source of the revenue generated from the fundraiser comes from auctioning items acquired by SJBS volunteers.  SJBS needs volunteers to solicit items from local businesses and as well as from the SJBS community.  Acquired items will need to be arranged for display.  Item descriptions will need to be written up and entered onto the auction platform.
  • Promotion – The fundraiser gets promoted via several avenues (website, emails, social media, posters, mailings and at other SJBS events such as Pizzafest).  Promotional materials need to be developed and efficiently utilized.
  • Event Night tasks – Staff are needed the day of the event to lay out auction baskets, decorate, etc.  In addition, event staff are needed to check guests in, coordinate with auction winners, run the special raffle, and clean up. 

15. Championship Day: SJBS championship day features championships for 3rd and 4th grades, as well as All-Star softball games, a home run derby, the sportsmanship awards for each team as well as Tarentino awards for 5th/6th grades.  There are rides and games, a dunk tank, and free catered food and drinks.  A truly special day to celebrate the end of another rec season, and you can help make this great day happen. Necessary roles include planning, shopping, setting up trophies, setting up tables and game/food stations, cleaning up, audio equipment management, etc…

16.  Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for building and maintaining the Work Bond Program, assigning volunteer positions, organizing/ coordinating volunteers, tracking volunteer time and communicating with the executive board (EB).  Responsibilities include:

  • Build the infrastructure of the Work-Bond Program:
    • Solidify / modify role descriptions proposed by this committee
    • Develop a system for tracking volunteer hours to ensure that volunteers fulfill assignments and to monitor for potential changes to this program
  • As volunteers sign up for roles, confirm assignments and reassign volunteers where needed/appropriate.  
  • Facilitate coordination of volunteer staff with Team Managers and other SJBS personnel where appropriate.
  • Attend board meetings to update EB on program progress, concerns, etc.

*Background check and other safety training required to fulfill this role

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