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SJBS Expense Policy


As of January 30th, 2020
[email protected]
[email protected]

I. General

A. All requests for expenses to be paid or reimbursed MUST be submitted to [email protected]
B. All SJBS expenses and payments are processed via Anyone receiving payment from SJBS MUST have a profile.
     1. In setting up a profile, payees may elect to receive payment via electronic fund transfer, which is the preferred, cheaper and more efficient manner of payment.
     2. Otherwise, Payees will be paid by check.

II.        Budgets

A.    Budgets for the year for a team, category, clinic, etc must be approved. As part of that Budget a person or persons will be responsible for that team, category, clinic, etc and its Budget (eg. Coaches for travel team) - the "Point Person(s)"
Point Person(s) will be responsible for monitoring their Budget, with support from the Financed Committee.

Each Point Person(s) has discretion over spending their Budget, with the expectation being that expenses incurred are related to their team, category, clinic, etc.

Budgets are intended to be tied to the amount of funding provided by SJBS. If a team, category, clinic etc. exceeds its Budget, it will be responsible for the excess and can raise funds, ask parents to provide funds, etc to meet that excess.

III.     Invoices

A.    When an expense is incurred the Point Person(s) will procure an invoice (“Invoice”) from the vendor. Each Invoice must include:
     1.     Vendor information, including: Name, Address, Telephone, Email Address, Contact person.

     2.     For tax purposes, if a service is being provided, like a lesson, clinic, etc. the Vendor’s Tax ID # or Social Security # must be obtained by the Point Person(s) and provided to the Treasurer. Since this is sensitive information, it does not have to be included on the Invoice.

     3.     Payment Instructions: If by check, to whom checks should be payable and if there is a different billing address. If other forms of payment are accepted, like credit cards, PayPal, ACH, Venmo, etc, those should be listed with the relevant information.

     4.     If the Payee is different than the name of the Vendor, that should be indicated on the Invoice by the Vendor/Payee. For example, a franchise, Batting Cages Galore, and the local franchisee/”owner”) John Smith LLC, are different entities. Batting Cages Galore would be the Vendor but John Smith LLC would be the Payee.

B.    SJBS information should include which team, category, clinic, etc and the relevant Point Person(s). The mailing address for SJBS is:

     1.     PO Box 59 Summit, NJ 07901.

     2.     If an actual address is required, the current Treasurer’s address may be used until such time as an actual address is obtained by SJBS

C.    Details regarding the items procured and/or services provided by the Vendor, including per unit or per hour amounts, where applicable. For example:

     1.     For training, for example, the dates, hours, $/hr and type of training should be included.

     2.     For tournaments or leagues, for example, the dates, league/tournament name and fees should be included.

     3.     For equipment, for example, the type of equipment, model/make and $/unit should be included.

D.    Although not required, it is strongly suggested that each Invoice also include an invoice number or some reference to be made when payment is remitted and any special notes or instructions, regarding discounts, delivery, pickup, etc.

E.     For any Vendor that does not normally provide Invoices (eg. college student giving lessons), the Vendor may use the SJBS template (available on the SJBS website) and include the required information as described above.

F.     The Invoice must be submitted via email or app to [email protected] by the Point Person(s) with a note in the email asking for payment of the Invoice. The Invoice may also be submitted my someone other than the Point Person(s) but the Point Person(s) must be copied on the email and the Point Person(s) must respond with approval of the Invoice.

G.    To avoid confusion, when the Invoice is submitted, it must be clearly noted that it is for DIRECT PAY.

H.    Point Person(s) should take care to submit Invoices in a timely fashion to allow for proper processing according to SJBS regulations.

I.      At the Treasurer’s discretion, and as applicable by the due dates, Invoices may be paid individually or in weekly batches. Depending on cash flow and bank account balances, if only deposits are required by the Vendor, with subsequent payments for the outstanding balance, the Treasurer may elect to pay in installments or in full.

J.      If there are any issues or problems with paying the Invoice, the Treasurer will promptly inform the Point Person(s) and/or Vendor to resolve the issue.

III.   Reimbursements

A.    Invoices should be paid directly by SJBS. However, it is understood that circumstances may dictate that a Point Person(s) or other may have to pay the Invoice directly. In such a case, reimbursement may be submitted.
B.    An Invoice must be submitted as described above, along with evidence of payment by the person asking for Reimbursement (the “Reimbursee”).
C.    To avoid confusion, when submitting the Reimbursement request, the Reimbursee must clearly note that the submission is for REIMBURSEMENT.
D.    Only the amount evidenced by any of the following will be reimbursed:
     1.     Cancelled check made payable to the Vendor or Payee (as described in Invoice section)
     2.     Credit card receipt of payment made to the Vendor or Payee (as described in Invoice section)
     3.     For the avoidance of doubt cash is NOT an acceptable form of payment to be reimbursed
E.     If there are any issues or problems with paying the Invoice, the Treasurer will promptly inform the Point Person(s), Reimbursee and/or Vendor to resolve the issue.
F.     Please note: If an Invoice is deemed to be unapproved after the Reimbursee has paid, SJBS is not responsible for Reimbursement. For that reason, and others, it is strongly suggested that Invoices are paid directly by SJBS and the policy and procedures outlined here are followed.

IV.   Disputes

A.    If the Point Person(s) becomes aware of any Invoice or payment discrepancies or issues (eg. late payment, outstanding balance, etc), the Point Person(s) will immediately inform the Treasurer. Similarly, if the Treasurer becomes aware of any Invoice or payment discrepancies or issues, the Treasurer will immediately inform the relevant Point Person(s). Treasurer and Point Person(s) will undertake best efforts to resolve any discrepancies as quickly as possible for the sake of maintaining fiscal responsibility for SJBS and preserving good relationships between SJBS and its vendors.
B.    Should a dispute arise between Point Person(s) and Treasurer over an Invoice or Reimbursement, Point Person(s) and Treasurer will undertake best efforts to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible for the sake of maintaining fiscal responsibility for SJBS and preserving good relationships between SJBS and its vendors. If the Point Person(s) and Treasurer come to the conclusion that the dispute cannot be resolved quickly, the matter will be raised to the Finance Committee who will review the matter and make a recommendation to the Executive Board, whose final decision will stand.

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